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Marvel Reviews

While the new site is opening and I am getting out many reviews as I can, I would like to make a call to fans of the Marvel U. I'm looking for a Marvel reviewer one that can at least do two reviews on Marvel titles a week. If this sounds like something you can do drop me a comment below with your email and from there I will email you on where to send me a sample review.

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Superman Batman Public Enemies Animated Movie

Superman Batman Public Enemies

The arc that started the monthly series Superman Batman is now an animated movie by DC Animation studios. The movie is about not only just a team up of Superman and Batman but the friendship that they share as well. In the movie Superman and Batman are trying to come up with a way to stop a meteor ( AKA a falling piece of the long dead world of Krypton) that is going to hit earth. But this is in a time when Lex Luthor is president and has his own team of superheros and his own ways to stop the meteor.

Story- 5 out of 5: The movie is based the story arc that firs appeared in Superman Batman #1 that was written by Jeph Loeb. The movie had a few changes here and there, but overall the changes that were made didn't take away from the story that was the movie was outlining. The main characters in the movie were well written and very much seemed to go well with the other characters in the movie.

Voice acting -5 out of 5: The cast of the DC animation cartoons of the 90's are back. yes for all purposes Kevin Conroy is Batman. It's an added bonus that should sell any fan of the Batman animated series, Superman Animated Series, and the Justice league and the JLU cartoons. Also any fans of Smallville will notice Allison Mack plays Power Girl.

Animation - 3 out of 5 : Now I'm not huge into way too cartoony art as some of you might remember from previous post here before, but hey to each their own what I might not like some might. So that said the look of this animated movie was way too cartoonish for the story. Not that it took away from it but to me the look and feel of the animation just wasn't the caliber of the story.

Overall - 4 out of 5 : DC Animation strikes again with another great animated movie. I look forward for more stuff to come from them in the future. The movie had the feel of the 90's cartoon series due to great voice actors, the story was very good in this adaption and there was no slow down point in this story at all. Once the story picked it's steam it pretty much stayed that way. Although the animation wasn't that great in my opinion some might like it but it wont make this animated movie unwatchable.

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Monday, October 5, 2009

Batman Year One

Batman Year One:

Batman Year One is the story of Batman and Lt. James Gordon's first year defending the streets of Gotham City, and the problems that they encounter along the way on their first year on the job. Batman Year One is written by Frank Miller, and I must say that Frank Miller did an excellent job with this book( I will go into this in detail below). This is a must read for Batman fans in my opinion. Not only do you get an early tale of the Batman but one of the stories main focal points is Lt. James Gordon. Now if you never really cared for Gordon in the past and you haven't read this book I would suggest that you go out and read this book. your opinion might change after reading it, and for those of you who have read this story you can understand where I'm coming from by saying that. Frank Miller puts Gordon into a whole new light in Year One.

Now on to the breakdown:

The Story - 5 out of 5 : As readers will find out that as much as this is a Batman story it is a Gordon story as well as i had sated in the above paragraph. Frank Miller did an excellent job writing all the characters in this story. There was not a moment in the story when the character felt like any less then who they were supposed to be. The story was very consistent and didn't feel choppy the story was well put together from beginning to end.

Art- 5 out of 5 : The art was done up by David Mazzucchelli. The story and the art in this book fit well hand in hand in my opinion. At first the art work can be a turn off to some but stick with it you will see how well the story and the art go together. The color tones used by Richmond Lewis gave the book and the art the correct feel.

Overall- 5 out of 5 : Great story, great art, great tones is all one could ask for out of not just a year one story arc but a comic book as well.

(on a side note these are of my opinion and to be taken that way in no way shape or form am i saying that this is the absolute truth on this book. i am just am here having fun and sharing with you my thoughts on a book in hopes that you might have enjoyed it as much as i had)

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the grand re opening

yes after a very long hard year for comic spotlight we will be up and ready to reopen this sunday. please check back for new updates and a whole new look.

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Yes we haven't updated in a while but i am back and i will be reconstructing the site with a new format hope all of you will be back on Dec. 3rd to see the brand new structure.

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Hero of the month

Hero of the month voting is still in your hands. To put in who you would like to see just comment this post. The hero with the most nominations will be July's hero of the month. Heroes can be from all over the comic universe

Friday, June 27, 2008

Mighty Avengers #15

Hank Pym (Yellow Jacket, Ant-Man, wife beater, Skrull) the story tells just how long a Skrull was impersonating Hank Pym and why Hank Pym is a central piece in the Skrull's invasion of earth.

This review I didn't go with a detailed plot description to try and keep my Secret Invasion reviews to a minimum on spoilers. But I will say any one who has been following the Mighty Avengers title will see a lot of nice tie ins to earlier stories( it fits in nicely so if you are new to comics and getting into comics with the secret invasion you won't really be thrown off too much). It also raises a few more questions with the Secret Invasion. The art fits the story well.

Story ****(out of 4)
art ****(out of 4)
Overall ****(out of 4)

If you been following the Secret Invasion or the Mighty Avengers I really do suggest this issue to you.